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Bad Waitresss // DOXX // Liquid Assets

  • Dominion Tavern 33 York Street Ottawa, ON, K1N 5S7 Canada (map)

MEGAPHONO presents
(français suit)

Bad Waitress


Liquid Assets

at Dominion Tavern
33 York St.

12$ at doors
Free with MEGA, FO’SHOWS or FO’ SHOWS+ passes.
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Doors at 10:00 pm

Bad Waitress is a fierce and playful punk rock slap to the face comprised of four young Toronto women. It isn't just a coincidence that they're all women either: vocalist/guitarist Kali-Ann Butala moved to Toronto from the Northwest Territories five years specifically with the desire to play with other women. The band’s May 2017 EP, Doll Creatures of the Valley, which was mixed and mastered by Kali-Ann, plays along this theme in a cheeky and subversive way, with the biting “We’re Girls,” (“We’re girls/We’re here/We’re ready to fight”) to the witchy chanting of “Devil’s Vagina,” and the EP’s titular track, “Doll Creatures of the Valley,” which begins with eerie, doll-like voices before the heavy guitar takes over.
But it would be wrong to pigeonhole the artists-formerly-known-as-Nude-Dogs as just girl punk. Their influences may include such punk stalwarts as Fugazi and Gang of Four, with comparisons to acts like 7 Year Bitch and Babes in Toyland, but there’s something a little extra mixed in there, too. Butala’s Howlin’ Wolf tattoo is what she and guitarist Katelyn Molgard initially bonded over. The whole band – rounded out by drummer Eva Moon and bassist Jessica Maxwell – describe themselves as inseparable, and the enjoyment they have from making music together is certainly palpable. Their live shows are vicious and fun, regularly self-booked, and maybe best characterized by the direct missive from their song “Fuck This,” which opens with the chant: “F-U-C-K/What’s the words we wanna say” before launching into the song at full force. The band’s contagious energy would get the point across anyway, but the track is a short, but not very sweet, mission statement: “I just wanna say/Fuck This.”
With a planned release of April 2018, Bad Waitress’ new EP, Party Bangers: Volume 1, moves away from the different vibes of Doll Creatures and into a heavier, party-focused sound, resting on a commitment keep having fun as loudly and rowdily as possible. – Elena Cremonese.

Sitting on the fence between punk and hardcore yelling about stabbing your dad and shoplifting makeup. They're just joking though. DOXX "answers the burning question, "what would it sound like if the Cro-Mags covered X-Ray Spex?”” - Sorry State Records.

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This event is part of the MEGAPHONO Music Showcase Festival & Conference in Ottawa-Hull
February 7-9, 2019


MEGAPHONO présente

Bad Waitress


Liquid Assets

au Dominion Tavern
33 rue York

12$ aux portes
Gratuit avec une passe MEGA, FO’SHOWS ou FO’SHOWS+
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Portes à 22h00

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Cet événement fait partie du festival et de la conférence de musique MEGAPHONO à Ottawa-Hull
February 7-9, 2019

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